Satkhira Sundarban Courier Service All office & Addresses

Satkhira Sundarban Courier Service
Satkhira Sundarban Courier Service

Satkhira Sundarban Courier Service All office & Addresses:


The Sundarbans is a family name for everyone in Bangladesh for being a pioneer of courier and parcel services in this country. Everyone from corporate clients to the average person is getting services in the Sundarbans.


Division District Office name Address Contact Office Type
Khulna Satkhira Kolaroa Upazila Agency Satkhira Bablu Songbadpatro, Upazila More (Under 3 Storied Building), Satkhira 01768971171 01191236113 01191236112 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Kaligonj Agency Satkhira Sundarban Courier & Apon Telecom Kaligonj Fultola More Market, Kaligonj, Satkhira 01197106442 01716869436 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Ashashuni Thana Branch Satkhira SCS, Janata Bank More, Upazila Sarak, Ashasuni, Satkhira 01915702460 01913343769 0472256033 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Shyamnagor Upazila Agency SCS, Nokipur Bazar, Shyamnagar, Satkhira 01820518110 01848097351 01718656960 0472674055 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Tala Upazila Agency Rafiq Photostate , Tala Bazar, Tala, Satkhira 01915738671 01828236204 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Debhata Thana Agency Parulia Bus Stand, Debhata, Satkhira 01733669397 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Bhomra Agency Sathkhira M/S Jono Kollayan Pharmecy, Sultanpur, P.S: Vomra, Dist: Satkhira 01713900714 047181059 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Patkel Ghata Agency Satkhira Kopotakkho Sangbad Potro Biponi, High School Road, Patkelghata, Satkhira. Empty Agency



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