Rajshahi USB courier service address and phone number

Mymensingh USB courier service address and number

Rajshahi USB courier service address and phone number


We know that there are various courier services all over the country. USB courier service is one of them. Keeping pace with the current times, courier service does not help us to send our various items to different places.

You can send it. And USB courier does not cost much.

The time has come when we can’t take our belongings with us anywhere. In that case, if you leave the things in the courier and go with the address, then, of course, the things will reach you in a very short time.





Banessore Puthiya, Rajshahi, Banessore-6260 01701207953
Sirajganj S.B Fazlul Haque Road (Near Railway Gate), Sirajganj 01701208478
Rajshahi 82 Shaheb Bazar, Ghoramara, Boalia, Rajshahi 01701207997 / 01701207951
Pabna Gopalpur Shilpo, Pabna 01701207982
Natore Bon Belgoria, West Bypass Circle, Natore 01701208057
Naogaon Chakmuktar, H# 1608-02, Chakmuktar Naogaon 01701208060
Joypurhat Station Road, Jaypurhat Gov. College Road, Joypurhat 01701208471
Ishwardi Truck Stand Warehouse, Station Road, Ishwardi 01701208469
Chapai Nawabganj Hotel Al-Nahid, Shantir More, Chapai Nawabganj 01728336200
Bogura H# 119-136, Sutrapur, Gahali, Mofiz Paglar More, Bogura 01701208111
Bandarban T & T Area, 9 No Word, Bandarban Pouroshova, Bandarban Sadar, Bandarban 01830159594/ 01793180844


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Rajshahi USB courier service Rajshahi USB courier service

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