Eureka Couriers & Delivery Service list In California

Eureka Couriers & Delivery Service list In California

Eureka Couriers & Delivery Service list


Eureka (Hupa: du-wai-lot-ding, seals: Youth Hall is the main town and county seat of Humboldt County in the Redwood Empire of California). ) And 100 miles (111 km) south of the Oregon border.

Eureka is the largest coastal city between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, and its western proximity to the ocean, a western city of more than 25,000 inhabitants in 46 independent states.

And is defined by dry summers, but nearby inland areas are much hotter in summers. San Francisco is the regional center for government, healthcare, trade and fine arts on the North Coast north of the Bay of Bengal.

Greater Eureka is one of California’s main commercial fishing ports, the location of the largest deep-water port between San Francisco and Cos Bay, extending about 500 miles (805 kilometers).

Branch Name Address Phone
KAREWS courier 537 G St Ste 202, Eureka, CA, 95501 707-440-4667
Golden State Overnight 127 U St, Eureka, CA, 95501 707-441-1150
Sacramento Overnite 2030 1st St, Eureka, CA, 95501 707-445-0400
Shred Aware 2237 3rd St, Eureka, CA, 95501 707-822-4022
FedEx Office Print & Ship Center 2021 5th St Ste C, Eureka, CA, 95501 707-445-3334
Trusty Transportation PO Box 7348, Eureka, CA, 95502 707-599-1674
FedEx Ship Center 1605 Short St, Eureka, CA, 95501 800-463-3339
UPS 3144 Broadway Ste 4, Eureka, CA, 95501 707-445-3830
Cox Clean Up & Hauling Eureka, CA, 95501 707-444-1333
Recyclist 955 12th St, Arcata, CA, 95521 707-825-7335
Northwind Delivery Service 1316 Parkside Dr, Mckinleyville, CA, 95519 707-839-0583


Eureka is headquartered in both the Six Rivers National Forest and the North Coast Redwoods District of the California State Park System. At one time there were hundreds of timber mills in the area, and the city played a leading role in the historic historical trade of timber on the west coast.

The entire city is a state-historic historical landmark, with hundreds of notable Victorian homes, including the nationally recognized Carson Mansion, and retains the town’s original 19th-century commercial as the original Old Town or Historic District.

Eureka is home to the oldest zoo in California, Sequoia Park Zoo.


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