Comilla Sundarban Courier Service All office & Addresses

Comilla Sundarban Courier Service

Comilla Sundarban Courier Service All office & Addresses:

Under this service we are providing documents for both corporate and retail customers nationwide. Envelopes weighing 01 to 200 grams are served.

These documents are being distributed to 600+ outlets across Bangladesh.

Under this service, through our 160 branches and agency offices nationwide, we collect declared value against “e-commerce and condition parcel products”.

Sundarbans is a household name to everyone in Bangladesh, the pioneer of courier and parcel services in the country.

Everyone from corporate clients to the average individual is availing Sundarbans services.


Division District Office name Address Contact Office Type
Chittagong Comilla Race Course Agency Comilla Keya Media Center, Mofiz Uddin Road, Race Course, Comilla 01711322668
Chittagong Comilla Comilla Medical College M/S Priti Telecom, Comilla Medical College Road, Kuchaitoli, Comilla. 01923643939 01937632128 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Court Bari Agency Comilla Soudia Telecom, Shop No. 52, 2 No. Cantt. Board Market, Courtbari, Dist: Comilla 01713603032
Chittagong Comilla EPZ B. Booth , Comilla M/S Shima Enterprise, Tom Tom Bridge, EPZ, Comilla, 01777951692 01767442959 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Cantonment Agency, Comilla Boshundhara Enterprise, Moynamati Cannt. Market, Shop No. 243, P.O: Comilla Cantt. Adrosho Sadar, 01817098382 01977098382 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Daud Kandi Agency Comilla Master Telephone & Stationery, Khaza Market, Bishwaroad, Daud Kandi, Comilla. 01915054159 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Companygonj Agency Muradnogor Comilla Jewel Computer Center, Muradnagar Road, P.O: Companigonj, Upazilla: Muradnagar, Dist: Comilla. 01819111123
Chittagong Comilla Barura Thana Agency Comilla Fair Telecom & Photostate, Hospital Road, Abdur Rahim Biponi, Borura, Comilla. 01917231180
Chittagong Comilla Homan VACANT Agency
Chittagong Comilla Mudafforgonj Bazar Agency, Laksam Comilla Shahid Digital Point, Zilla Parisad Super Market, Mudafforgonj Bazar, Laksam, Comilla 01716830885 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Laksam Thana Agency Micro Trading, Bypass, Laksam, Comilla 01711738516 01196102829 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Sodor South Comilla Agency Somrat Enterprise, Paduar Bazar, Bishwaroad, Sadar South Upazilla, Comilla 01714916338
Chittagong Comilla Debider Thana Agency M/S Jahanara Enterprise, Rahmania Supermarket, Debider, Comilla 01815322168 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Chandina Thana Agency Comilla Jewel Computer Center, Chandina Pourosova, Chandina, Dist: Comilla 01819111123 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Brahmanpara Empty Empty Agency
Chittagong Comilla Burichang Empty Empty Agency
Chittagong Comilla Daulatgonj Empty Empty Agency
Chittagong Comilla Monohorgonj Empty Empty Agency
Chittagong Comilla Meghna Empty Empty Agency
Chittagong Comilla Nangalkot Empty Empty Agency
Chittagong Comilla Titas Empty Empty Agency
Chittagong Comilla Kotwali Empty Empty Agency


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Comilla Sundarban Courier Service