Bagerhat Sundarban Courier Service All office & Addresses

Bagerhat Sundarban Courier Service All office & Addresses

Bagerhat Sundarban Courier Service All office & Addresses:


Under this service we are providing documents for both corporate and retail customers nationwide. Envelopes weighing 01 to 200 grams are served.

These documents are being distributed to 600+ outlets across Bangladesh.

Under this service, through our 160 branches and agency offices nationwide, we collect declared value against “e-commerce and condition parcel products”.

Sundarbans is a household name to everyone in Bangladesh, the pioneer of courier and parcel services in the country.

Everyone from corporate clients to the average individual is availing Sundarbans services.


Division District Office name Address Contact Office Type
Khulna Bagerhat Chitol Mari Thana Agency Alif Varities Store, Upazilla More, Chitolmari, Bagherhat 01713907896 01917941366 01191554111 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Sarankhola Thana Agency Bagerhat Vill+P.O: Rayenda, P.S: Sharankhola, Dist: Bagerhat 01712175790 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Mongla Bandar Agency Bagherhat SCS, Pragoti Enterprise, Tajmohol Road, Mongla Port, Bagerhat, Mongla 01711354682 0465873405 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Mollarhat Upazila Agency Bagerhat Chatra Bandhu Library & Prite Cosmetics, Mollarhat, Bagerhat 01729576832 01711210432 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Morolgonj Agency Bagerhat Morolgonj, Bagerhat 01711112330 01739647533 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Fakirhat Upazila Agency Bagherhat SCS, Fakirhat, Bagerhat 01924393166 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Kochua Empty Empty Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Rampal Empty Empty Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Bagherhat Dist. Agency Empty Empty Agency



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