The 5 best restaurants in Florence Italy

5 Best Restaurants in Florence
5 Best Restaurants in Florence

5 Best Restaurants in Florence


When thinking about the best Florence restaurants (and the culture of this food all over Italy), most people think of pasta and pizza. But when people find out about the different cities that make boots in Europe, they realize that there is more to local cuisine than was previously thought.

Simple and have-tasting Florentine cuisine “farmer” recipes have been heavy for almost centuries, meaning less truffles and easier sauces. Because of its cheap cutting of meat and its ability to boil stew in red wine on top of sculpture, there is the traditional Peposo stew, the staple food taken by Dumo (one of the best things to do in town) workers. It is rumored that it was the personal choice of Brunellesi, the architect responsible for the dome.

Visitors will also find Tuscan bread at any table around town. Fun fact: It is made without salt. Because of the fight against the salt tax with Pisa a few centuries ago, some believe that others claim that sodium will further enhance the taste of the fresh ingredients used for cooking here.

While the city’s kitchens and techniques are deeply dedicated to defining the city’s past (be sure to check out the city’s oldest Zellotto store for that matter), Florence’s gastronomical scene has created some space for modernity, with most tourists affected by the heavy cycle of eating and Occupy the city to shop. Today, the city’s cuisine can be divided into two categories: on the one hand, you’ll keep the local tartarios and osterias in line with strict traditions (Mario’s other stories will refuse to cook your steak except rarely). . On the other hand, visitors can take in classic Italian cuisine, complemented by a “clean” and modern atmosphere that seeks to cater to the international crowd.

While we recommend exploring the city’s restaurant scene in its entirety, the kind of food we’re partial to is that all the reasons why Italian food is cooked as one of the most delicious in the world will remind your taste buds.

1.La Giostra

La Giostra is known for its inspiring backstory and hosting Elton John’s likes. Led by an Austrian royal family, the place boasts the perfect ambiance for a romantic night with a beautiful glass decanter-lit candle-lit table and deep red wine. The plates are carefully crafted and highly Italian, although Tradoria takes more gourmet by taking traditional herbal dishes. Given the popularity of the restaurant, save one in advance.

2.4 Leoni

Just down the street from the famous Pitti Palace, the rustic modern 4 Leoni can be found ered ered paired with the beautiful raw outdoor seating ered here the specialty is the pasta filled pasta with Telgio cheese and asparagus sauce that will literally shower your spine.

3.Cantina Barbagianni

Look for the lesser known and plain delicious Cantina Barbagianni right around the corner from La Giostra. It can be very difficult to find the place as it is below the street level in most places but just follow the smell of Tuscan food and follow the many locals who feed here. These incredible dishes have yet to hit the tourist scene, so rejoice in all its exceptions.

4.Trattoria Mario

This small tratoria offers family-style seating at low tables (you can learn some Italian here!). Join regular dinners to order red wine carafe with rich Tuscan food. The place cooks authentic Florentine cuisine, providing traditional themed favorites that have been around for centuries.


If you are looking for a steak, it is worth going to Persia. Located just opposite the old walls of the city center, it is the destination of the Florentine aspirations steak – and for good reason. Everything from the decor (frescoed walls! Hanging vines!) To the menu reflects the passion for tradition. Caution: Florentines like their steak “Al Sangu”, which literally means “in the blood” but translates to “rare”, so, if you ask it to cook more, you can actually refuse the service.

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5 Best Restaurants in Florence 5 Best Restaurants in Florence  5 Best Restaurants in Florence

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